Podcast interview about “Networked”

Ian Jacobs of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) asked some wonderful questions about the book in a podcast interview that was just posted along with a transcript.


In addition to hitting on the big themes of the book, we covered some of the history of the Pew Internet Project and the background of how Barry Wellman and I came together for this work.

I’ve known Ian since 2004, when he helped pave the way for me to share Pew Internet data with the amazing W3C crowd, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee. And it was terrific fun for me to interview Sir Tim and Danny Weitzner at the FutureWeb conference in 2010.

Ian has also been really helpful in recruiting W3C members to participate in our surveys about the future of the internet (some of that material is reflected in the final chapter of the book about the future of networked individuals). And those respondents were particularly thoughtful when it came to our findings about the future of the semantic web.

It was great to reconnect with Ian and I am grateful he took such time and care to give our book such attention.

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